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Exploratory visits to TU Delft and TU Dresden

25 March 2023.

Visit of WUT and AFIT researchers to the TU Delft

During the labs' tours and presentations by individual team members from TU Delft, it was possible to explore their capabilities in detail and to establish contacts about collaboration topics. From WUT side Prof. Anna Boczkowska, Paulina Latko-Durałek and Kamil Dydek took part in the visits. From AFIT side there were Krzysztof Dragan, Michał Dziendzikowski and Piotr Synaszko.

During the visit, both the capabilities of TU Delft were discussed and ongoing projects were presented. As a result, it was possible to discover the activities carried out by the host institutions. Tour facilities were organized to the TU Delft's NDT Lab, OpenJet, SamXL - automated manufacturing, 3D lab, and composites manufacturing lab.

As a result of the visits the partners identified the areas of mutual interest: a) Bonding of composites using hot melts, b) Two matrix materials, c) Monitoring of resin curing, d) Automated Tape Laying, e) Tailoring the electrical properties of CFRP laminates.

Visit of AFIT researchers to TU Dresden

Senior researcher Michał Sałaciński and early-stage researcher Marta Baran from AFIT visited Dresden to explore the capabilities of the Institute of Lightweight Engineering and Polymer Technology (ILK). In addition to b2b meetings with TUDresden's research team, there were also visit to ILK laboratories, TUD main campus, IMA Dresden and IABG.

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