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Tests to detect manufacturing defects in thermoplastic conducted by AFIT and TU Delft

4 December 2023.

Joint test activities were carried out during the short-term visit of a Polish Senior Researcher from AFIT to TU Dresden in November 2023. The tests were to detect manufacturing defects in thermoplastic composites joined by ultrasonic welding.

As part of the joint research, PhD Bram Jongbloed (TU Delft) prepared a sample with manufacturing defects caused during ultrasonic welding. He also discussed the welding process and indicated potential sources of defects that may occur.

PhD Eng. Piotr Synaszko (AFIT) configured the non-destructive testing setup and performed tests using the UT Phased Array method using a 6-axis robot and his own Python procedure. The test results confirm the possibility of detecting manufacturing defects resulting from failure to maintain the correct UT welding process parameters. Damage resulting from underheating and overheating of the joint was detected.

It is planned to prepare a joint publication based on this research implemented in the frame of the COMP-ECO project.



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