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Workshop on Composites PRODUCTION

31 October 2023.

The second training workshop for research staff and students of Polish partners was held in Delft on October 26-27, 2023. The Workshop was delivered by the Professors of TU Delft's Faculty of Aerospace Engineering and covered the following courses:

  • Tailoring of conventional and nonconventional laminates including aeroelastic effects

This workshop provides an introduction to the physical and analytical aspects of aeroelasticity. It focuses on how composite materials can be tailored (choice of constituents, layer orientation, layer build-up, geometrical shape) to obtain structures with certain aero-elastic responses.

Delivered by R. De Breuker, PhD (eng.), DELFT, Aerospace Structures & Materials Department

  • Smart structures – health monitoring and self-sensing capabilities of composites

This is a workshop on developing the critical thinking needed to perform measurements in an NDI Laboratory. It includes an introduction to the most common sensors for experimental mechanics, non-destructive testing and structural health monitoring, evaluation of the performance of these sensors, selection of sensors for different applications and signal processing and control algorithms.

Delivered by R. Groves, PhD (eng.), DELFT, Aerospace Structures & Materials Department

  • AI Development and Applications for Manufacturing

This workshop provides an overview of artificial intelligence (AI) and its current use in manufacturing. In addition to a general overview of what AI is, the workshop will illustrate specific use cases on how AI can improve the manufacturing process using applications such as object classification, optimization, prediction, object detection, and combinations of applications to solve more complex problems. The workshop will show some of the current struggles with implementing AI in a real-world environment, and will share the best practice methods for resolving issues, testing, and bringing AI solutions into production.

Delivered by Nathan Eskue, TU Delft, Associate Professor, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering,– AI in Manufacturing

The materials from the courses are available in the Project Open Access Repository for use by researchers and students to access state-of-the-art knowledge and by academic staff for curriculum development.

Part of the workshop was a visit to the NDI lab and the SAMXL (Smart Advanced Manufacturing XL) facilities of the faculty.



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