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Workshop on Project Management and IPR

2 February 2024.

On January 30, 2024, the representatives of the Valorisation Centre of the TU DELFT visited Warsaw to deliver a Workshop “Project Management and Administration.Commercialisation and Patenting Strategies”.

The workshop was held in 2 parts.

Part 1 was dedicated to the Horizon Europe project administration. It was focused on the project administration practices, coordination tips, consortium communication, and financial aspects according to the HE rules.

Part 2 was dedicated to Data management and IPR. First, the data management block facilitated effective data organization, from collection to dissemination and archiving, ensuring reliable verification and supporting new research initiatives. Second, the effective strategies for commercializing of Intellectual Property Rights, including patenting, has been presented, supplemented with the practical work for the participants.

36 participants took part in the Workshop and 3 more have connected online. They represented both the administrative staff (managers, accountants) and research staff of the Polish partners of COMP-ECO: TPF, WUT (Faculty of material Science and Engineering) and AFIT.

The materials of the workshop will soon be available in the COMP-ECO Open Repository 

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